Hands-on Python for Networking Professionals

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  • Foundations
    • Overview
    • Build a Command Line Interface
    • Build an interactive, prompt-based CLI
    • Error Handling
    • Environment Variables
    • Use Python with HTTP
    • Use Python with SSH
    • Use Python with Telnet
    • Use Python with FTP
  • Application of Programming
    • Packet Sniffing with Python
    • Subnet Calculator CLI
    • Configure a Device with Telnet
    • Configure a Device with netmiko


2 M

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  • Episode Description

When you are planning, creating, and managing networks, some of the tasks can be repetitive and time consuming. Scripting allows you to automate these tasks to allow for reproducibility, scaling to larger systems, and collaborating with others use versioning. In this series, we will see how to utilize Python to make your life as a networking professional a little easier. See you there.

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