Object Oriented Python

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  • Object Oriented Python
    • Overview
    • Installation and Setup
    • What is Object Oriented Programming
    • Creating Classes and Objects in Python
    • Extending Classes
    • Extending Classes Part 2
    • Lets Build It MonsterSlash v.1
    • Lets Build It MonsterSlash v.1 Part 2
    • MonsterSlash v.1 Game Refactor
    • MonsterSlash v.1 Actor Refactor
    • MonsterSlash v.2 Enemies Attack
    • MonsterSlash v.2 Enemies Attack Part 2


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In this series, Vonne and Justin explore the intricate world of Object-Oriented Programming(OOP), particularly in the context of the Python programming language. Starting with the basics of OOP, Justin demonstrates the creation of classes and associated objects from those classes. Moreover, Justin demonstrates the use of Inheritance of classes to reduce code repetitiveness in an effort to adhere to the Don't Repeat Yourself (DRY) principle. Lastly, Justin builds a simple OOP centric text-based adventure. If you are ready to get into Object-Oriented Python, then join us!

[SOUND] In this series, we're going to be covering object-oriented Python. So Justin, what exactly is object-oriented Python, and what are are we gonna be covering? >> So Yvonne, object-oriented Python is a particular take on object-oriented programming. So we're gonna start by looking at object-oriented programming from a very high level, like abstraction, encapsulation, polymorphism, and inheritance. But then we're gonna take a look at how those ideas play into the Python language themselves. And particularly, look at classes, multiple inheritance, single inheritance, how to use those classes, and then what that all entails. >> Okay, so that's a good big picture that we're going with. What about the specifics? What are we really gonna be diving into? >> So as far as specifics for Python, after we cover the object-oriented programming principles, we're gonna take a look at Python. How do I create a class, right? How do I start? What are methods? How do I add methods to classes? In particular, we're gonna pay close attention on being Pythonic. So if we give our class to someone else that writes Python, they'll go, yeah, this is Python code, and it looks Pythonic. And then we're gonna illustrate the nuanced differences between the difference inheritance models of Python, right? What about single inheritance, which is available in a great deal of object-oriented languages? But also, Python provides multiple inheritance. And as kind of a juxtaposition to that, how can we not use multiple inheritance, cuz it does have its issues, and use composition instead? And in the grand finale, we're gonna start building a text-based adventure game employing these object-oriented principles. And building these Python classes to, well, play a game and see how that kind of burgeons forth. >> All right, so what should we know before starting this series? What do you assume people out there should know before watching anything? And what's our ultimate goal? >> So Yvonne, as far as who's this course, this series concerned, right? Who's actually going to benefit most? If you've been programming in Python before, you know a little bit about the language. You know how a for loop and a while loop works. You know how to construct integers and floats and various object strings. This is probably gonna be a good way to level up your skills. However, if you've never programmed in Python before, or maybe you've touched on it, you've seen it, this may be a little beyond what you're comfortable with. With that said, it never hurts to check things out. So the ultimate goal is to level up your Python skills. But unfortunately, there is not a certification at the end, as some of our other technology avenues take us. It's just about getting better. So if that sounds like something you're interested in, definitely check this out, and we'll see you there. [SOUND]