Programming Fundamentals

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  • Fundamentals
    • Overview
    • Setting Up the Environment
    • Exploring the REPL
    • Variables and Values
    • Expressions and Statements
  • Basic Data Types
    • Basic Data Types
    • Basic Data Types: Numbers
    • Basic Data Types: Strings
    • Basic Data Types: Booleans
  • Comparisons, Conditions and Control
    • Compare Data
    • Logic Control
    • If Statements
    • if-Else Statements
    • If-Elif-Else Statements
  • Collection Types
    • Lists
    • Lists Part 2
    • Tuples
    • Dictionaries
    • Dictionaries Part 2
    • Sets
  • Iteration
    • What is Iteration
    • For Loops
    • While Loops
    • List Comprehensions
    • Dictionary Comprehensions
    • Iteration Helpers


1 M

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  • Transcript

Have you wanted to see what this programming thing is all about? Do you have issues figuring out where to start? Well, this course will show you how to get things set up and start with the basics of programming using the Python programming language. If you want to set up your machine, understand the basics of Python, and start understanding the basic tenets of programming, then please join us!

[MUSIC] Hello, everyone and welcome to DEVPRO.TV. This is a course overview for our Programming Fundamentals Series. And here to help us is Mr. Justin Dennison. So, Justin, what is this course all about. >> So this course is to really get us ingrained in some of the syntax that we're going to encounter when embarking in programming in the python programming language but also to look at programming constructs that we may encounter. Such as iteration, the four loop the while loop, specific data structures possibly some simple data types as well. Like number, boolean, string, but also lists and dictionaries and those. So this is meant to be kind of this starting place, if you will. >> Okay, so as a starting place a foundational series >> Would the target audience be somebody just starting out? >> Yeah this is definitely geared toward individuals that have maybe never programmed before. Maybe even never seen code before. It's to get you started as a necessary stepping stone for future understanding and education. Would respect to programming. >> Right, so this course specifically had any in certification or any type of test that you could take. >> It does not it, its main purpose is to get you comfortable with maybe the ins and outs of just basic programming seeing some of these core concepts. In preparation to further engage in learning future more complex topics. >> Wow, it sounds like a great starting place for anybody just beginning in coding. And I will tell you that we're filming this, after we've already done it, I learned a lot in this series. I feel like I've got a pretty good handle on Python so. I hope you guys are looking forward to this. And we will see you in some episodes very soon. [MUSIC]