Dive into the Python Standard Library

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  • Dive into the Python Standard Library
    • the glob Module
    • The itertools Module: Infinite Iterations
    • The itertools Module: Combinatorics
    • The itertools Module: Shortest Input
    • The collections Module: namedtuple
    • The collections Module: defaultdict
    • The collections Module: Counter
    • the functools Module: Iru_cache
    • The functools Module: total_ordering
    • The functools Module: partial
    • The functools Module: reduce
    • The json Module: Reading & Writing
    • The json Module: Function Encode & Decode
    • The json Module: Class Encode & Decode
    • The csv Module: CSV Reading & Writing
    • The csv Module: DictReader and DictWriter
    • The os.path Module
    • The socket Module: TCP Server
    • The socket Module: TCP Client
    • The socket Module: UDP Server
    • The socket Module: UDP Client
    • datetime strftime
    • datetime strptime
    • concurrent.futures ThreadPoolExecutor submit
    • concurrent.futures ProcessPoolExecutor submit

the glob Module

11 M

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  • Episode Description

In this episode, Justin demonstrates the power of the glob module. This is part of the Python Standard Library. This module uses patterns to create a list, or iterator, of files and folders for iterating over providing a way to select files that satisfy a construct just like you would in Bash.

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