Linux Security Techniques

Security features found in modern Linux distributions10 H 47 M

This course covers various Linux security techniques like data encryption, firewall configuration, auditing access, pen testing tools, and more.

  • Monitoring and Auditing Security
    • Overview
    • Managing Logs with syslog
    • Managing Logs with journald
    • Auditing User Passwords
    • Auditing User Passwords Part 2
    • Auditing the Filesystem
    • Auditing SUID and SGID
    • Auditing Logins with fail2ban
  • Data Security
    • LUKS Disk Encryption
    • Data Encryption with GPG
    • MD5 and SHA Checksums
    • Data Encryption with SSH
  • Securing Services
    • Securing Services with SELinux
    • Securing Services with SELinux Part 2
    • Chroot Jails
    • LXC Containers
  • Securing Networks
    • TCP Wrappers
    • Network Security with iptables
    • Network Security with firewalld
  • Security Testing
    • Verifying Firewall Configurations
    • Verifying Network Data Encryption
    • Verifying Network Data Encryption Part 2


4 M

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  • Episode Description

The Linux Security Techniques series introduces the viewers to the various security features found in modern Linux distributions. Topics covered include data encryption, auditing access, SELinux and firewall configuration among others. The series also lightly covers penetration testing to ensure that each security technique is implemented properly.

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