Certified Information Systems Security Professional - CISSP 2021

39 H 48 M

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  • Security and Risk Management
    • Overview
    • Understand adhere, promote professional ethics
    • Understand and apply security concepts (CIA)
    • Evaluate and apply security governance principles
    • Determine compliance and other requirements
    • Legal, regulatory issues for information security
    • Spotlight on the GDPR
    • Understand requirements for investigation types
    • Security policy, standards, procedures, guidelines
    • Identify, analyze, prioritize BC requirements
    • Personnel security policies and procedures
    • Understand, apply risk management concepts
    • Spotlight on the Risk Management Framework
    • Threat modeling concepts and methodologies
    • Apply Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) concepts
    • Security awareness, education and training program
    • Security and Risk Management Key Points
  • Asset Security
    • Identify and classify information, assets
    • Establish information, asset handling requirements
    • Provision resources securely
    • Manage data lifecycle
    • Ensure appropriate asset retention
    • Data security controls and compliance requirements
    • Assets Security - Key Points
  • Security Architecture and Engineering
    • Engineering process using secure design principles
    • Fundamental concepts of security models
    • Controls based upon system security requirements
    • Security capabilities of Information Systems–vocab
    • Security capabilities of Information Systems – CPU
    • Security capabilities of Info Systems – Memory
    • Assess and mitigate vulnerabilities - the basics
    • Assess and mitigate vulnerabilities - the rest
    • Spotlight on cryptographic solutions - Symmetric
    • Spotlight on cryptographic solutions - Asymmetric
    • Spotlight on cryptographic solutions - PKI & certs
    • Spotlight on cryptographic solutions - hashing
    • Cryptographic solutions - digital signing
    • Understand methods of cryptanalytic attacks
    • Security principles for site and facility design
    • Design site and facility security controls
    • Spotlight on fire control
    • Security Architecture & Engineering - Key Points
  • Communication and Network Security
    • Spotlight on the OSI Model
    • Spotlight on Internet Protocol (IP) networking
    • Spotlight on IPsec
    • Spotlight on Secure Protocols
    • Implications of converged & multilayer protocols
    • Spotlight on Micro-segmentation
    • Wireless, Cellular & Content Distribution Networks
    • Secure network components
    • Implement secure communication channels
    • Communications & Network Security - Key Points
  • Identity and Access Management (IAM)
    • Control physical and logical access to assets
    • Manage identification and authentication
    • Federated identity with a third-party service
    • Implement, manage auth mechanisms - Vocab
    • Implement, manage auth mechanisms - Models
    • Manage the identity, access provisioning lifecycle
    • Implement authentication systems
    • Spotlight on Kerberos
    • Spotlight on Federated Identity Management (FIM)
    • Identity Access Management (IAM) - Key Points
  • Security Assessment and Testing
    • Assessment, test, & security audit strategies
    • Spotlight on System and Org Controls Reports (SOC)
    • Conduct security control testing - the basics
    • Conduct security control testing - the rest
    • Collect security process data
    • Analyze test output and generate reports
    • Security Assessment and Testing - Key Points
  • Security Operations
    • Understand and comply with investigations
    • Conduct logging & monitoring activities
    • Conduct logging & monitoring activities - threat
    • Perform Configuration Management (CM)
    • Apply foundational security operations concepts
    • Apply resource protection
    • Conduct incident management
    • Detective & preventative measures
    • Patch & vulnerability management
    • Understand & participate in change management
    • Implement recovery strategies
    • Implement Disaster Recovery (DR) processes
    • Test Disaster Recovery Plans (DRP)
    • Business Continuity (BC) planning & exercises
    • Implement and manage physical security
    • Address personnel safety and security concerns
    • Security Operations - Key points
  • Software Development Security
    • Spotlight on the Software Development Life Cycle
    • Certs & Accreditation Verification & Validation
    • Security in the SDLC - Methodologies
    • Security in the SDLC - Maturity Models
    • Security in the SDLC - odds & ends
    • Apply controls in development ecosystems - basics
    • Apply controls in development ecosystems - rest
    • Spotlight on the OWASP TOP 10
    • Assess the effectiveness of software security
    • Assess security impact of acquired software
    • Define, apply secure coding guidelines, standards
    • Spotlight on Databases
    • Software Development Security - Key Points
  • The CISSP Toolbox
    • What is the CISSP Toolbox?
    • Who are you?
    • What does your study plan look like?
    • What is your timeline?


3 M

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  • Episode Description
  • Transcript

You're watching ITPro.TV? >> Greetings everyone and welcome to our accelerated CISSB series here at ITPro.TV I am going to be your host throughout this endeavor my name is Daniel Lowrie had been in IT for over 20 years, got a few cybersecurity certifications underneath my belt actually teach some of the more offensive security things here at ITPro.TV. And joining me being the subject matter expert in this series, it's gonna be this guy right here Mr Adam Gordon. Adam, welcome sir. >> Hello everybody? Hello Daniel? Always good to spend time with you and good to spend time with all of you good folk out there are members that ITPro.TV, I've been doing this a long time as well just like Daniel I actually have spent many, many decades teaching ISC Squared material CSP chief among those certifications and I'm looking forward to spending time with you, talking all about. >> Looking forward to it a well, hopefully you are also a couple of questions for you here Adam. What is going to be in the CISSP CBK? >> So, we think about the CBK, we're gonna be looking at the eight domains that make it up so, probably hopefully no surprise to you, there have been eight domains for several iterations now and we're gonna go through from start to finish in order from Domain one security and risk management all the way through to donate software development, security and everything in between. But this particular course is going to be focused on the latest update to the CBK though, what we call the 2021 version of the CBK so, a lot of interesting stuff we're gonna cover it all. >> Awesome stuff I'm looking forward to that, that's sounds amazing, speaking of sounding amazing, how are we going to deliver this content for our viewers? >> So in this particular course and unlike in prior versions of RCSP Courses here at ITPro.TV where I actually created both a full version of the course as well as an accelerated and we spend a lot of time doing both in this new update for the 2021 CBK we've decided just to do an accelerated course. So we're going to assume a lot of prior knowledge on your part we're going to give you that information in my detailed episode notes, Daniel and I will touch on many of those things in our discussions among and through the various episodes across all the domains. But we're gonna move through that at a pretty quick pace and you're gonna hopefully be able to keep up with us in one passive, not, you can always stop rewind as we often say, watch us again and always leverage those detailed episode notes. All the handouts and supplemented materially provide for you to give you all the information necessary for you to study, be successful, don't we take and pass your CSB exam? >> Definitely the advantage of recorded video content is to be able to watch it over and over again as you please now, Adam a little personal question for you if you don't mind is. >> Sure. >> Is what makes you excited about this course? I know I am. >> Yeah, so, obviously spending time with Daniel, always really cool for us to be able to talk about stuff both professional and I'm sure we'll speak in a couple of movie discussions and various things along the way, we always have a lot of fun doing that, but I'm also excited about the fact that CISSP. Is the premier information security certification globally has been for a long time and I'm really excited to spend time talking about it with you, help you to understand all the things necessary to really put that into context and if you are pursuing certification ultimately help you get ready for take and pass your CSB exam. >> I'm really looking forward to seeing those new Net Knowledge pieces that are in this newer version of the CISSP so, without further ado I say we go ahead and call it a day and get to it. So hopefully you think that sounds exciting and we look forward to having you in our upcoming series. >> See you soon, everybody. >> Thank you for watching ITPro.TV.

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