CCNP Security SIMOS (300-209)

Implementing Cisco Secure Mobility Solutions9 H 17 M

  • General Concepts
    • Cryptography Basics
    • Cryptographic Algorithms
    • VPN Types
  • Site-to-site
    • IPSec Using IKEv1
    • IPSec Using IKEv1 Part 2
    • IPSec Using IKEv2
    • IPSec with Mixed Hardware
    • Using IPv6 with IPSec
    • Tunneling IPv6 over IPv4
    • Tunneling IPv6 over IPv4 Part 2
    • DMVPN Hub and Spoke
    • DMVPN Hub and Spoke Part 2
    • DMVPN Spoke to Spoke
    • Group Encrypted Transport VPN
    • Group Encrypted Transport VPN Part 2
  • Hybrid VPNs
    • FlexVPN Components
    • FlexVPN Site-to-Site
    • FlexVPN Hub and Spoke
    • FlexVPN with Redundant Hubs
    • FlexVPN L2L with IPv6
    • FlexVPN Remote Access VPN

Cryptography Basics

28 M

  • Episode Description

This episode reviews some of the basic concepts underlying the cryptographic process. Viewers will learn about symmetric and asymmetric encryption, hashing and digital signatures, and a high level view of how it all fits together.

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