Cyber Secure Coder (CSC-110)

Security-Focused Programming9 H 57 M

This course has a practice test
  • Security in Software
    • Overview
    • Prior Knowledge and Expectations
    • Gather Software Requirements
    • Assignment: Identity Requirments
    • Activity: Identify Requirements
    • Factors that Undermine Software Security
    • Software Vulnerabilities and Attack Phases
    • Attack Patterns
    • Assignment: Find Vulnerabilities
    • Activity: Find Vulnerabilities
    • Assignment: New Password Requirements
    • Activity: New Password Requirements
    • Assignment: Hashing Passwords
    • Activity: Hashing Passwords
    • Vulnerability Intelligence
    • Assignment: Vulnerability Search
    • Activity: Vulnerability Search
  • Handling Vulnerabilities
    • Bugs in Software
    • External Libraries and Services
    • Handling Errors Securely
    • Human-Related Security
    • Security Requirements and Design
    • Security Through the Software Lifecycle
    • Assignment: Exploring Leftover Artifacts
    • Activity: Exploring Leftover Artifacts
  • Designing for Security
    • Principles of Secure Design
    • Avoid Common Mistakes
    • Assignment: Common Security Design Flaws
    • Activity: Common Security Design Flaws
    • Understand Risk and Threats
    • Risk Response Strategies
    • Exploit Countermeasures
  • Developing Secure Code
    • Guidelines for Secure Coding
    • Buffer Overflows and Prevention
    • Race Conditions
    • Assignment Using Locks Remediate Race Condition
    • Activity Using Locks to Remediate Race Condition
    • OWASP Top Ten Platform Vulnerabilities
    • Web Application Vulnerabilities Deep Dive
    • Mobile Application Vulnerabilities Deep Dive
    • IoT Vulnerabilities Deep Dive
    • Desktop Vulnerabilities Deep Dive
    • Privacy Vulnerability Defects
  • Implementing Common Protections
    • Secure Session Management
    • Users, Protections and Passwords
    • Encryption and Data Protections
    • Error Handling and Protections
  • Testing and Maintaining Software Security
    • Testing Software for Security
    • Monitoring and Logging of Production Applications


4 M

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  • Episode Description

Cyber Secure Coder will aid in developing an appropriate understanding of secure development practices and how those practices protect against various types of vulnerabilities. You will learn the types of vulnerabilities, the exploits that can occur from those vulnerabilities, and the programming practices that will help prevent exploitation in an application.

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