Accredited ISO/IEC 27,001 Foundation

ISO/IEC 27,001 Foundation10 H 43 M

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  • ISO/IEC 27,001 Foundation
    • Overview
    • The ISO/IEC 27,001 Foundation Exam
    • The ISO/IEC 27,000 Family
    • Data vs Information
    • Value of Information
    • Fundamental Principles of Security
    • Fundamental Principles of Security Part 2
    • Threats, Risks, Vulnerabilities and Exposure
    • Types of Damage and Risk Management
    • Countermeasures
    • The Security Organisation
    • The Security Organisation Part 2
    • The Security Organisation Part 3
    • Access Control
    • Cryptography
    • Incident Management
    • Incident Management Part 2
    • Importance of Measures
    • Physical Security Measures
    • Technical Security Measures
    • Organisational Measures
    • Organisational Measures Part 2
    • Legislation and Regulation
    • Legislation and Regulation Part 2
    • Sample Paper
    • Sample Paper Part 2


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  • Transcript

[MUSIC] Hi, and welcome to the ISO/IEC 27,001 Foundation series. I'm Jo Peacock, and in this series, we're going to be taking a look through the ISO/IEC 27,000 family of international standards. Now, we call this ISO, well, let's abbreviate it, shall we? We will call it ISO 27,001 because ISO 27,001 is the international standard. The part one which is the figure at the end there, number one, are the list of shows that will prepare you for an ISO 27,001 audit, prepare your organization for an audit. So this is everything that the organization will need to have achieved and will need to have to demonstrate for achievement of ISO 27,001. We also take a look at, in this series, the ISO 27,002. And ISO 27,002 is the guidance for how you may choose to apply ISO 27,001. So how you may choose to get your organization through that particular audit. So this particular course is geared for those individuals that want to express their knowledge in ISO 27,000 family. It's for those individuals that want to demonstrate to their organization, because their organization is trying to achieve ISO 27,001, to demonstrate that they've achieved a certain level of knowledge. It's also for those individuals who simply want to get the ISO 27,001 Foundation qualification on to their resume or CV. And in this particular series, we'll take an in-depth look at the actual ISO 27,001 requirements. And we'll work through those requirements, and we look at the principles behind those requirements. So we're going to be learning a lot of terminology, and we're going to be looking in depth at things like countermeasures. We're going to be looking at the family of ISO 27,001, looking at what each guidance actually contains. Then we're also going to be looking at some of the principles that are linked with service management within IT as well. So I'm gonna invite you to join us in this ISO 27,001 series. And I promise that we're not going to say that name too many times, because it's a little bit of a tongue twister, isn't it? But join us in this series, where you'll see Vonne and I actually pulling apart all of the principles of the international standard for IT security. And hopefully we'll see you then, and guide you through to successful completion of your ISO 27,001 foundation exam. [MUSIC]