Practical Pentesting: featuring Brad Stine

Practical Pentesting7 H 19 M

Need to create a pen test final report? In this course, learn how to properly pre-plan and execute a successful pen test following the client's scope of work.

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  • Practical Pentesting: featuring Brad Stine
    • Overview
    • Pentesters - The Good, Bad and Ugly
    • Pre-Engagement
    • Pre-Engagement Part 2
    • Data Security Agreements
    • Statement of Work (SOW)
    • Statement of Work (SOW) Part 2
    • Statement of Work (SOW) Part 3
    • Final Authorization
    • Personal Engagement Toolkit
    • Pentesting Platforms
    • Stages of Assessment: Validate Scope
    • Stages of Assessment: Recon
    • Stages of Assessment: Vulnerability Scan
    • Stages of Assessment: Vulnerability Scan Part 2
    • Stages of Assessment: Documenting
    • Stages of Assessment: Exploitation
    • Stages of Assessment: Maintaining Access
    • Stages of Assessment: Covering Tracks
    • Stages of Assessment: Deliverables
    • Blue Team Pentesting


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  • Transcript

In this episode, Daniel and Brad quickly explore what will be covered by the Practical Pentesting series. This includes topics like Pre-engagement activities, statements of work, authorization, and the different stages of assessment.

[MUSIC] In this segment, we're gonna be taking a look at what we can expect from our upcoming series, the Practical Pentesting series. Featuring none other than our good friend here, Mr. Brad Stine. Brad, if you would be so kind, tell us what we might expect with the series that we have coming up. >> Absolutely, so the series that we have coming up is talking about the practical, applicable pieces of pentesting that you may not always hear about. There's a lot of really good technical, sexy techniques that everybody really gets excited about. But being a pentester is a lot more than that. And there's a lot more things that you have to do in order to protect yourself, to be successful, and to deliver a good quality product. So we'll walk through the steps to get into an engagement, we'll walk through an engagement, and kind of talk about that deliverable at the end, so. >> Excellent, can you give us a little more break down of some specific things that we'll see as well? >> Yeah, absolutely, so we'll pick out some of the key pieces like the statement of work. It's one of the most important documents in order to get there. Right behind the get out of jail free card, right, so we'll go through there. And when we're talking about the stages of an assessment. We'll go through everything from the discovery to the vulnerability scanning, to the exploiting, covering our tracks, maintaining access, all the way up through report building. So I mean we're gonna go around the wheel. >> Well it'll be a lot of fun. I wanna make sure that, I know a lot of people out there when they see pentesting, are we gonna see some cool, sexy stuff as well? >> Absolutely, we'll definitely see a little bit of that. Actually some solutions from our host, Daniel. He's not just a pretty face [LAUGH]. But yeah, no, we are gonna see some cool sexiness that's gonna be really interesting to watch. >> All right, well Brad, thanks so much for joining us. We appreciate you dropping by to make this series happen. And we appreciate you viewers out there. And if it sounds like something you might be interested in, we look forward to seeing you in the upcoming series. [MUSIC]