Security Infrastructure and Operations Concepts

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  • System and Network Architecture Concepts in Security Operations
    • Overview
    • Common Log Ingestion Concepts
    • Common Operating System Concepts
    • Common Infrastructure Concepts
    • Common IAM Concepts
    • Common Encryption Concepts
    • Protecting Sensitive Data


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In this episode, we take a few moments to meet the hosts and go over what you can expect from this course.

WEBVTT >> Well, welcome to the overview for security, infrastructure and operations, concepts of your host for the score. Sophie, good. When you may see me hosting other street focus courses and I did recently obtain ivory for cyber security certifications, certified in cybersecurity from ISU squared. So trust me, you're in good hands. And alongside, you've heard enough about me. You want to hear more about Mister Daniel, Larry, our subject matter expert for this course. I will be this me for a loop course. We have said before you hopefully you enjoyed. I know that we enjoyed making its so is our gift. >> To you. And if you're looking to get in that stock analysts role is going to be a great course for you because we have a lot of permanent piece of information that will go over in just a moment. But a little bit about myself and working in the it space are over 20 years. Also been working in cybersecurity firm like them 7 or so. So it's been a lot of fun, really enjoy service and furious. This is going to be some part of my own little passion projects. Now you get to learn what stuff I've learned and then you can do it as well. So what will be the learning will be getting out of this course? Lots of good stuff. I'm sure what we're going to specifically be focusing on security concepts, infrastructure contest as well. Things like logs and log ingestion. Why that's important thing. Other things like operating systems, the different ones that you'll encounter and some of the very important piece of information surrounding all of the different operating systems. So was different infrastructure concepts. I am and single sign-on encryption, very big kind of a deal when it comes to the security thing. So we're going to touch on that as well as how can you protect our sensitive data and many in sunder different place. >> So the idea of kind of some of the material we're going to be covering, what is the structure of the course can look like. >> So the structure is just going to be pretty straight for risking our kind of hammer out these different topics. Go over them, give you the pieces of information that you need regarding each one of those topics and then move on the next thing. So it's it's a relatively short or so. >> It is. It is it. It goes by very fast because you just have so much fun. Is there anything else you need to cover Missouri before we jump into the course? >> Nothing I can think of. It sits high level red just to keep you there. But we will put our hands on a thing or throughout the course. So there's that. >> Kayla, thank you so much for giving us an idea of what we can expect in this course. And thank you for joining us for this overview of security, infrastructure and operations concepts. See you in the course