Security Programs Management and Oversight

3 H 49 M

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  • Course Overview
    • Course Overview
  • Elements of Security Governance
    • Guidelines and Policies
    • Standards and Procedures
    • External Considerations and Revisions
    • Governance Structures
    • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Risk Management Processes
    • Risk Identification and Assessment
    • Risk Analysis
    • Risk Register, Tolerance, and Appetite
    • Risk Management Strategies
    • Risk Reporting And BIA
  • Third Party Risk Management
    • Vendor Assessment and Selection
    • Agreement Types
    • Additional Vendor Considerations
  • Elements of Security Compliance
    • Compliance
    • Compliance Monitoring
    • Privacy
  • Audits and Assessments
    • Attestation
    • Audits
    • Penetration Testing
  • Security Awareness
    • Phishing
    • Anomalous Behavior Recognition
    • User Guidance and Training
    • Reporting and Monitoring
    • Development and Execution

Course Overview

3 M

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  • Transcript

Welcome to the Security Program Management and Oversight course here at ACI Learning. In this course, you will learn about many of the important elements of effective security governance, including guidelines, policies, standards, and procedures. This course also covers the elements of the risk management process as well as the risks associated with 3rd party risk assessment and management. Audits and assessments are also covered in this detailed class. Note that this course maps to the Security Program Management and Oversight domain of the CompTIA Security+ SY0-701 examination.

WEBVTT >> (upbeat music) - Welcome and thanks for joining us for this overview for Security Programs Management and Oversight. I will be your host for this course, Sophie Goodwin. I'm gonna >> function as kind of a learner advocate asking questions along the way for things that you might want to be asking at home. And of course, I'm joined by Anthony Sequera, our subject matter expert for the course. Anthony, how are you? - Doing great, thanks so much Sophie. Super excited to be here for Security Program Management and Oversight. - So I'm curious, Anthony, what exactly, not to question your credentials or anything, but what makes you qualified to teach this course? - Yeah, so I have been teaching variations of CompTIA subjects and Microsoft and Cisco and Juniper and all these different network vendors for decades. And as you might guess, there's been an emphasis to varying degrees over the decades on security. And more and more, there is the need for security training in organizations today. So cybersecurity just keeps getting more and more important. So lots of courses like this one are in my repertoire. - Okay, good to know. So for this course specifically, for Security Programs Management and Oversight, could you give us kind of some insight into what we're gonna learn or what this course is gonna look like? - Yeah, this is gonna be really exciting. A lot of times when you talk things like governance and compliance and awareness training and monitoring and evaluating security systems, people will kind of roll their eyes because a lot of times this is a real theoretical discussion, lots of boring PowerPoints, and just it's not something that instills a lot of excitement. So one of the things that Sophie and I are gonna do is we're gonna make this very real world for everyone. We're gonna not just give you lists of things that you can do, we're gonna show you real live examples for each of the different aspects of governance and compliance. And again, we're gonna make this real practical with tons of takeaways that can make a huge difference in your organization. - Now for people that are looking to watch this course and learn something from it, is there any prerequisite knowledge or things that they should know or have ready going into this course? - I would say that you definitely wanna be like A plus or the equivalent. I always wanna point that out. A plus is a certification arena where you get the basics of hardware, the basics of software and operating systems. So that's kind of implied here. If you've got that, you're good to go. - >> Okay, so somebody like me, I'm pretty set going into this. - Yeah, absolutely. - I'm looking forward to learning more about security programs management and oversight. So thank you for kind of giving us a look into what we can expect. And thank you for joining us for this overview. We'll see you in the course. (upbeat music)