COBIT 2019 Foundation

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  • Introduction and Course Overview
    • Course Overview
    • Introducing COBIT 19
    • Course Introduction and Materials
  • COBIT as an IT Governance Framework
    • Enterprise Governance in Information and Technology
    • Benefits of I&T Governance
    • What is COBIT and what is it NOT?
  • COBIT 2019 Principles
    • Six Principles for a Governance System
    • Three Principles for a Governance Framework
    • Improvements in COBIT 2019
  • Basic Concepts: Governance System and Components
    • COBIT 2019 Overview
    • Governance and Management Objectives
    • Components of the Governance System
    • Focus Areas
    • Design Factors
    • Goals Cascade
    • Enterprise vs Alignment Goals
  • Performance Management in COBIT
    • COBIT Performance Management Principles
    • Capability Levels Overview
    • Process Capability Levels
    • Focus Area Maturity Levels
    • Organizational Structures
    • Information Items
  • Designing a Tailored Governance System
    • Impact of Design Factors
    • Stages and Steps in the Design Process
  • Implementing Enterprise Governance of IT
    • COBIT Implementation Guide Approach
    • Phase 1 and 2
    • Phase 3 and 4
    • Phase 5 and 6
    • Phase 7 - Continual Improvement
    • Design and Implementation Guide Relationships
  • COBIT in the Real World
    • How does COBIT fit in the World of IT?
    • What's next after COBIT?
    • Exam Prep and Tips

Course Overview

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Meet your hosts of the COBIT 2019 Foundation course. Daniel Lowrie and Chris Ward will explain what this course is all about and what is in it for you!

You're watching IT Pro TV. [MUSIC] >> Greetings everyone and welcome to the overview of our COBIT 2019 series here 4COBIT that we are gonna have at IT Pro TV. And I'll just start off with introducing myself and then we'll get to this fine young gentleman right over here. I'm your host for the series. My name is Daniel Lowry. I've been in IT for quite a few years now, well over 20, I specialize in cybersecurity, that's kinda my stick. But I also like to dabble in these arts that my main man over here also likes to do. So hopefully I'll help contribute to the conversation that said Chris wants to introduce yourself. Let the good folks out there, know who you are. >> Yeah absolutely he's dabbling in the dark arts. To say my name is Chris Ward, I am an educator and one of the other hosts around here at IT Pro TV. My areas of expertise is project management, IT service management and hey what we're gonna be talking a little bit about here. And that's IT governance and risk and so these are the areas that I do a lot of training with. Also have a little bit of a technical background back in the day, the Cisco, the Microsoft, the whole CompTIA A+ nine yards. And have been teaching for over 23 years and so enjoy this aspect of you know being on IT Pro TV. Because we get to talk about cool stuff and I'm excited about this course. >> All right well that sounds like fun. Let's talk a little bit about what's in it for these good folks out there. Why do they wanna tune in? What are they gonna get out of this course? >> Well, this is all about enterprise governance and IT. And the reason why this is important is because a lot of times people think that because IT is tech. And it changes so rapidly that you just, hey, you go with the flow, whatever the new hot sweetness is that's what we're gonna be doing and there's cool stuff over here. There's cool stuff over there. But in reality businesses can't pivot at the speed of tech unless they have good governance, guidelines, parameters, policies. That help direct them to keep them on track with the strategy and the goals of their organization. And so what COBIT 2019 is, is this umbrella framework that helps us get to what they call EGit or EGit. It is enterprise governance in IT. And that's what this course, it's a foundation certification course. That's what it's all about. >> All right, well, it's definitely gonna be really interesting. So we're glad you tuned in, if you could give us some idea of the course goals and the structure of the series. >> Yeah, definitely. We basically kinda breaking it down. We're gonna talk about COBIT as an IT governance framework like I just mentioned. We're also gonna be talking about some of the principles, basic concepts of the difference between a governance framework and a governance system. We're gonna be talking about things like design factors and focus areas. We're gonna talk about, get this, tailoring your enterprise governance for your particular organization because a lot of people think is it a one size fits all. You just tell people not to do this and make sure you do that and that's how it works. Hey, everybody is different, you have different industries, different countries, different markets, different insert this, and so how do you do that? You utilize COBIT 2019 and that's what we're gonna be looking at as well with designing that tailored governance system. We're also going to talk about implementing an enterprise governance in IT, a nice high level view. And preparing you for the COBIT foundation certificate exam. >> That brings me to my next question. There is a certification exam that is attached to this lovely little course. If you could tell us about the experience we're gonna go through. >> Well, okay the exam, very simple 75 questions you get two hours, this is done through which is the organization that owns the intellectual property of COBIT 2019. And you're gonna be able to sign up for that and it's the easy type of questions, I call it the easy button. Here's a question for possible answers, pick the best answer and you only need a 65% to pass. So it's a very liberal passing score. And again it's an entry level, it's an introductory type of approach. There are better ones that I wish I had better but greater knowledge necessary for other ones but this is the one that we just start off with. >> All right, well last but not least tell us why you're excited about this course. >> Well, I kinda hinted at it, it's the the fact that a lot of people look at governance and they say OMG. This is gonna be boring as watching paint dry on the wall and it's not it actually helps you be more efficient, effective. It helps save money, it helps you're not spinning your wheels doing stuff instead you can get your job done in a way that is more effective. And that's what I love about enterprise governance in IT. >> All right, well, Chris and we do thank you for all that great information. I know I'm excited about it as well hopefully you are as well and we do look forward to seeing you in the upcoming series. >> Thank you for watching IT Pro TV. [MUSIC]