Accredited ITIL®4 Leader: Digital and IT Strategy


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  • Introduction
    • Introduction and Overview
    • The Practical Exercises
    • Exam Overview
    • Digital Transformation and Innovation
  • ITIL ® Guiding Principles in DITS and Leveraging Digital Strategy
    • Digital Technology
    • Digital Business and Organization
    • Strategy of Digital Transformation
    • Business, Digital and IT Strategy
    • Business Models
    • Operating Models
    • Using the Guiding Principles
    • Continual Improvement Model, SVC Strategy
  • Using DITS to Remain Viable in Environments Disrupted by Digital Technology
    • Analyze VUCA factors in a Digital and IT Strategy
    • Digital Transformation and the Service Economy
    • Ensuring the viability of Digital Organizations
    • Strategic approaches to address VUCA
    • Three levels of digital disruption
    • Achieving customer/market relevance
    • Achieving operational excellence
    • Balanced approach
    • Using a Digital Positioning Approach
    • How to define and communicate a vision, strategy
  • Where Are We Now?
    • The Context of Strategy
    • External Analysis
    • Internal Analysis
    • Opportunity and Gap Analysis
    • Digital Readiness Assessments
  • Where Do We Want To Be?
    • Strategy Structure and Content
    • Financial Oversight and Controls
    • Strategic Plans and Approaches
    • Customer Journeys
    • Omnichannel Delivery
    • Additional Strategies, Customer/Market Relevance
    • Strategies for Operational Excellence
    • Automation
    • Strategic Approaches to Evolution/Transformation
    • Additional Operational Excellence Strategies
    • Sustainability and Employment Fulfillment
  • How Do We Get There - Defining and Communicating the Strategy
    • Portfolio Optimization
    • Quantifying the Value of a Strategy
    • Communicating the Business Case
  • Take Action - Implementing a Digital and IT Strategy
    • How Strategies are Implemented
    • Different Scales of Transformation
    • Managing Strategic Initiatives
    • Leading Digital Transformation
    • Scoping Digital Transformation
    • Typical Activities, Digital Transformation Program
  • Did We Get There - Assessing the Success of a Digital and IT Strategy
    • Key Facts of Measurement
    • Metrics and Indicators
    • Objectives and Key Results (OKRs)
    • Strategy Measurement Principles
    • Operational and Analytical Reports
  • How Do We Keep The Momentum Going? - Maintaining the Course
    • Strategic Momentum
    • Parallel Operation Models
  • Required Leadership Skills in a Digital Organization
    • Overview of Skills
    • Digital Mindset and Communication
    • Relationship Management and Education/Learning
    • Leading Digital Transformation
    • Introducing Digital Technology
    • Scoping Digital Transformation
    • Additional Techniques in Leadership
  • Innovation
    • Managing Innovation and Emerging Technologies
    • Organizing Innovation Management
    • Activities to Manage Innovation
    • Creating a Culture of Innovation
    • Innovation Approaches
    • Evaluating New Techologies
  • Managing Risk for Digital and IT Strategy
    • Managing Strategic Risk
    • Identifying Risk itildits
    • Qualitative vs Quantitative Risk Analysis
    • Risk Informed Mindsets in a Digital Organization
  • Operating Models for Digital Organizations
    • Structuring for Digital Business
    • Transitioning from Traditional Structures
  • Preparing for the Exams
    • The Practical Assessment Exercises
    • The Multiple Choice Exam

Introduction and Overview

17 M

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  • Episode Description

Your hosts Chris and Zach introduce you to the ITIL 4 Leader: Digital and IT Strategy course and why someone would want to take and pass this certification.

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