Accredited SIAM Foundation

SIAM Foundation18 H 34 M

This exam prep course is for the Exin SIAM Foundation exam for individuals working in ITSM who wish to implement SIAM methodology in their organization.

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  • SIAM Foundation
    • Overview
    • Introduction to SIAM
    • Introduction to SIAM Part 2
    • SIAM Eco-system and Terminology
    • SIAM Practices
    • SIAM Practices - Process Forums
    • SIAM Drivers - Service Satisfaction
    • SIAM Drivers - Source Landscape
    • SIAM Drivers - Operational Efficiencies
    • SIAM Drivers - External and Commercial
    • The Business Case for SIAM
    • SIAM Implementation Roadmap
    • Service Integrators - External Service Integrator
    • Service Integrators - Internal Service Integrator
    • Service Integrators - Hybrid Service Integrator
    • Service Integrators - Lead Supplier
    • SIAM Practices
    • Roles and Responsibilities
    • Roles and Responsibilities Part 2
    • SIAM Processes - Introduction
    • SIAM Processes - Audit and Control and BRM
    • SIAM Processes - Change Mgmt. and Release Mgmt.
    • SIAM Processes - Contract Mgmt. and CSI
    • SIAM Processes - Event Mgmt. and Financial Mgmt.
    • SIAM Processes - Sec Mgmt. and Knowledge Mgmt.
    • SIAM Processes - Incident Mgmt.
    • SIAM Processes - Problem Mgmt.
    • SIAM Processes - SLM and Supplier Mgmt.
    • SIAM Processes - SLM and Supplier Mgmt. Part 2
    • SIAM Processes - Configuration Mgmt.
    • SIAM Processes - SPM and SCM
    • SIAM Processes - Project Mgmt and Toolset Mgmt
    • SIAM and Other Frameworks: ITIL
    • SIAM and Other Frameworks: ITIL Part 2
    • SIAM and Other Frameworks: ISO/IEC 20000
    • SIAM and Other Frameworks: Lean and COBIT
    • SIAM and Other Frameworks: DevOps and Projects
    • Cultural Considerations
    • Challenges and Risks
    • Challenges and Risks Part 2
    • Challenges and Risks Part 3
    • Examination Preparation
    • Exam Review
    • Exam Review Part 2


1 M

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  • Episode Description
  • Transcript

Service Integration and Management (SIAM) is a management methodology for environments where services are sourced from multiple service providers and not just a single service provider. In this series we explore the SIAM Eco-system including the business case for SIAM, the benefits of the methodology, the processes involved, and the challenges to implementing and maintaining the eco-system. This series also prepares you for the EXIN SIAM Foundation exam.

[SOUND] [MUSIC] Hi, I'm Jo Peacock from ITProTV and welcome to our SIAM series. SIAM, of course, stands for Service Integration and Management. And in this series, we will be looking at the SIAM management methodology, which, of course, is a management methodology for managing in IT services in a multi-sourced environment or you might want to call it a multi-vendor environment. So in this series, we will be looking at a history of SIAM, where it came from what it's used for, when it would be appropriate to use SIAM methodologies. We'll be taking a deeper look into the processes contained within the SIAM methodology, and we'll be looking at the advantages and disadvantages of using the SIAM management methodology. And we'll also be preparing for the SIAM foundation test. Which is an accredited test through BCS and EXIN, and will be doing some preparation for that test, and also running through the sample exam. So, join us later in our SIAM episodes. See you then. [SOUND] [MUSIC]