Accredited VeriSM Professional

Accredited VeriSM Professional19 H 56 M

  • VeriSM Professional
    • Introduction to VeriSM Professional
    • The VeriSM Professional Exam
    • The VeriSM Professional Exam Addendum
    • Concepts in a Digital World
    • Concpets in a Digital World Part 2
    • Concepts in a Digital World Part 3
    • Concepts in a Digital World Part 4
    • Working in a Digital Context
    • Working in a Digital Context Part 2
    • Working in a Digital Context Part 3
    • Working in a Digital Context Part 4
    • Organisation-led Implementation
    • Organisation-led Implementation Part 2
    • Consultant-led Implementation
    • Mixed Implementation
    • Digital Leaders
    • Digital Leaders Part 2
    • Digital Leaders Part 3
    • Leadership Competencies
    • Sustainable Leadership
    • Organisational Structure and Culture
    • Organisational Structure and Culture Part 2
    • Collaborative Behaviours
    • Knowledge Management
    • Transformation Techniques: Cynefin Framework
    • Transformation Techniques: Innovator's Dilemma
    • Transformation Techniques: Lean Start-up
    • Transformation Techniques: Which Technique
    • Problem Solving Techniques
    • Hypothesis Tools
    • Hypothesis Tools: Assignment
    • Governance Models
    • Governance Models Part 2
    • Governance Models Part 3
    • Governance Models Part 4
    • Connecting EDM to Organisational Portfolio
    • VeriSM Model Overview
    • VeriSM Model and the Management Mesh
    • Creating a Current State Management Mesh
    • Defining the Future State
    • Defining the Future State Part 2
    • Defining the Future State Part 3
    • Produce, Provide and Respond
    • Produce, Provide and Respond Part 2
    • Creating the VeriSM Plan
    • The VeriSM Professional Exam
    • The VeriSM Professional Exam Part 2

Introduction to VeriSM Professional

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  • Transcript

[MUSIC] Hi, and welcome to ITPro.TV, I'm Jo Peacock. And I wanna welcome you to the VeriSM Professional series. This is our second series in our VeriSM management methodology, in our framework. Our first series was our VeriSM foundation series, and in that particular series, we took a walk through the service management approach for the digital age. And we also took a walk through the VeriSM Foundation Study Guide, as well. And hopefully at the end of that first series, you were able to take and successfully pass the VeriSM Foundation Exam. Well now we are in our VeriSM Professional series. And in this series, we're going to be concentrating on the publication which we call Unwrapped and Applied. But it's where we actually apply VeriSM, so we'll be going through an example. We'll be walking through the population of tools like the management mesh, and looking at how we can apply that to an organization, and what digital transformation means for your organization. We're also gonna be preparing you for the VeriSM Professional Exam, which you will be able to take at the end of our series. So I'm gonna invite you to join me, Jo Peacock, and also our host, Vonne Smith, in our VeriSM Professional series, and we'll see you in our next episode. [SOUND]

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