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CompTIA Network+
CompTIA Security+
CompTIA A+ IT Technician
CCNA Security
CCNP Enterprise

Ronnie's Hobbies

  • Designated picture taker
  • Human cannonballing

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Favorite Movie

The Godfather Trilogy

Favorite Technology to Work In

Cisco Routers and Switches

Favorite TV Show

Andy Griffith Show

Worst IT Nightmare

When I was an instructor, along with Wes, Vonne and Mike, for a traditional instructor led training company, a fellow instructor decided to do cable management. He came up with the idea to cable tie every possible cable for each student computer station. He based this on the assumption that we wouldn't ever move workstations. It didn't take long before, this turned into a nightmare for us. In a training environment, stations are constantly moved to make room for more or repurposed for some demonstration, or just that fact that hardware dies. When we had to do so, the cables were so tight, moving a computer of just a slightly different size into that space was impossible without cutting the cable management. If the computer's where shifted, they would tug on the workstation next that workstation. When we changed to an online based format and didn't require standard student workstations, removing all the cables were another nightmare. Every cable tie was also trimmed at an angle, which made them into small razor blades as we removed every one of them...to this day, we named that type of cable management after that person. When I hear someone say we won't have to move cables or computers today...I wince and chills happen.